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About SalaryTrack

SalaryTrack is Britain’s largest database of real-time recruitment offers.

We search 22m+ live job adverts, across thousands of job boards and use the salary information we find to provide candidates with the most accurate snapshot of current market rates.

It's fully searchable and allows individuals not only to see market conditions, but also to drill down to results by job title/skill/location and other attributes.

SalaryTrack also offers bespoke data extraction and report writing for its clients helping them to understand trends and forecasts on salaries in the markets that surround them.

So whether you are a jobs publisher, a direct recruiter or a recruiting agency, SalaryTrack has numerous ways to add value to your candidate and client retention strategies.

Some of our Partners:

We chose Salary Track as it is the most accurate and robust salary tool available for our candidates. Our bespoke, branded vertical versions are delivering significant traffic to our content sites and offer new sponsorship opportunities for our sales teams.
Moray Souter, Marketing Manager, EMAP recruitment