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Salary results for tutor permanent jobs (2.5679 sec.)


Tutor Lanarkshire Tutor Lanark Salary Job in a Click
121 Tutor Malpas The Education Network are seeking a 121 Tutor for the Malpas area to support a YR2 pupil two hours per day for a 6 week period. The pupil is currently out of school due to medical needs and though the... Job in a Click
Cello Tutor London We are a fresh music service with a contemporary edge providing all ages an opportunity to learn a musical instrument of their choice. We have a great reputation for our students sticking to it too We... UK Music Jobs
Dyslexia Tutor Croydon - Croydon Overview: Randstad Student and Worker Support provide non-medical support to students studying at University level. We are looking for a qualified SpLD Tutor with specific experience of supporting stu... UK Staff Search
Plumbing Tutor Lancashire - Blackburn The organisation is a charitable trust set up by a consortium of Lancashire businesses and is now one of the largest Group Training Associations in England, with nearly 50 years' experience of deliver... UK Staff Search
Math Tutor Worcestershire A school I am working very closely with are seeking to appoint a Math teacher in their lovely school in Worcestershire. You will need to possess the ability to support pupils according to their differ... Job in a Click

Average tutor salary

tutor   £27,000
In GBP as of Dec 19th, 2014
10K 20K 30K

Distribution of tutor salaries

60 % 
40 % 
20 % 
0 % 
0 - 10K
0 %
10K - 20K
19.5 %
20K - 30K
51.2 %
30K - 40K
16.8 %
40K - 50K
5.7 %
50K - 60K
1.4 %
60K - 70K
0.5 %
70K - 80K
0.2 %
80K - 100K
0.6 %
100K - 120K
0 %
120K - 140K
0 %
0.5 %

Percentiles of tutor salaries

what this chart means:

  • 90% of jobs offer a salary of more than £19K
  • 75% of jobs offer a salary of more than £22K
  • 50% of jobs offer a salary of more than £25K
  • 25% of jobs offer a salary of more than £30K
  • 10% of jobs offer a salary of more than £36K

Average tutor salary by region

North West   £37,000
South East   £27,000
East of England   £25,000
London   £25,000
Yorkshire and The Humber   £21,000
South West   £19,000
In GBP as of Dec 19th, 2014
15K 30K 45K

Average tutor salary by sector

Education   £27,000
In GBP as of Dec 19th, 2014
10K 20K 30K

Average tutor salary by skill

Maintenance   £30,000
Commercial   £30,000
PRO   £27,000
Training   £27,000
Design   £25,000
Applications   £25,000
C   £25,000
Procedures   £24,000
Presentation   £24,000
Foundation   £23,000
Attendance   £23,000
Transport   £22,000
Performance   £22,000
Powerpoint   £22,000
In GBP as of Dec 19th, 2014
15K 30K 45K
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