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ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT £24000 - £24000 ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT - LAOIS, NATIONWIDE This Assistant Accountant position reports to the Finance manager. Duties will include: -assisting in the preparation of the monthly accounts -reconciliation of the balance sheet accounts -bank reconc... Recruit Ireland
TAX ACCOUNTANT £36000 - £55000 DUBLIN, DUBLIN Our client, a global FMCG group are looking to recruit a tax accountant with expertise in the areas of Income tax, global mobility and international assignments. Due to strong growth in the area of em... Recruit Ireland
MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT £32000 - £36000 CORK, CORK Management Accountant required for 12 month contract with leading Cork company. You will be a qualified accountant with 1-2 years indistry experience. (CIMA, ACCA, ACA) Main duties and responsibilitie... Recruit Ireland
QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT DUBLIN SOUTH Qualified Accountant Our client is at an exciting stage in its development as it moves from start-up phase through high volume manufacturing to revenue generating. An Irish owned company at the leadin... Recruit Ireland
Accountant - Aldridge Aldridge Financial Accountant, Hereford £25000 £35000 per year A manufacturing business in Hereford, recruiting for an individual with the experience, but more importantly, the capability to support the Fina... Westmidlands Jobs Online
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT GALWAY, GALWAY Tasks Preparation and posting of journal entries for month end close and accounting transactions. Balance sheet and P & L accounts maintenance and reconciliation. Complete US and local GAAP accounting... Recruit Ireland

Average Accountant salary

Accountant   £35,000
In GBP as of Oct 22nd, 2014
15K 30K 45K

Distribution of Accountant salaries

33 % 
22 % 
11 % 
0 % 
0 - 10K
0 %
10K - 20K
6 %
20K - 30K
24 %
30K - 40K
27.5 %
40K - 50K
19.4 %
50K - 60K
10 %
60K - 70K
5.5 %
70K - 80K
2.7 %
80K - 100K
2.3 %
100K - 120K
0.4 %
120K - 140K
0.3 %
1.1 %

Percentiles of Accountant salaries

what this chart means:

  • 90% of jobs offer a salary of more than £24K
  • 75% of jobs offer a salary of more than £30K
  • 50% of jobs offer a salary of more than £36K
  • 25% of jobs offer a salary of more than £48K
  • 10% of jobs offer a salary of more than £60K

Average Accountant salary by region

London   £50,000
North East   £40,000
South East   £38,000
East of England   £38,000
South West   £32,000
East Midlands   £29,000
West Midlands   £28,000
North West   £27,000
Yorkshire and The Humber   £26,000
In GBP as of Oct 22nd, 2014
20K 40K 60K

Average Accountant salary by sector

Senior Appointments   £70,000
IT & Internet   £55,000
Banking & Finance   £48,000
Accountancy   £41,000
Health & Medicine   £40,000
Engineering & Manufacturing   £38,000
Construction   £35,000
Secretarial & Admin   £35,000
In GBP as of Oct 22nd, 2014
30K 60K 90K

Average Accountant salary by skill

Senior Management   £42,000
Controls   £40,000
Accounting   £40,000
Performance   £38,000
PRO   £38,000
Commercial   £38,000
ERP   £38,000
Oracle   £38,000
SAP   £37,000
Procedures   £36,000
Applications   £36,000
Training   £34,000
Maintenance   £33,000
C   £32,000
Sales   £31,000
In GBP as of Oct 22nd, 2014
15K 30K 45K
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